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The connectivity of a digital transformation

Written by beapinc

July 9, 2021

The digital transformation of mining is well underway. You know it much better than we do, it was necessary. The challenges of productivity, security, competitiveness on the world market, and the emphasis on the life cycle of sites have forced you to find important solutions. The accessibility and performance of current technological tools facilitate their adoption. As you can see, your command centers are performing much better than they have ever been.

Now, a digital transformation has several phases and it is impossible, if not irresponsible, to implement all of a sudden. Take the time to test the different products; configure the tools according to your reality; to develop several functionalities; to train the workforce sometimes resistant to change; to adjust the tools to the realities on the ground; in short, setting up is certainly not an easy part, although it is necessary.

When the technological bases are set up (Cloud server, ERP, communication system, tools for evaluating production performance, transport logistics system, maintenance software, and many others), a problem remains enhancement and traceability of accumulated data.

The data of operations is essential to optimize the procedures of your organization. You must be able to gather information on key equipment and locations of your operating sites: vehicles, machinery, dam, pad, staff, blasting site, etc. Whether the measurement is taken by personnel or sensors, it is now essential to know where, when, and by whom it was taken and that it is properly stored. The risk of error is too high and the amount of information entered could become unusable. You absolutely do not have enough quality data for the use of advanced technologies such as big data analysis or machine learning.

The connectivity of your systems and locations is an essential and primordial phase for the success of your business objectives and to achieve your objectives of social responsibility for your organization. The various sensors and communication systems must be your eyes and ears where the consequences could be severe without you being there. The data captured and transmitted will give you the correct picture of all facets of your organization.

When collected efficiently and intelligently, the data makes it possible to discover trends and anomalies that would otherwise remain invisible. Analyzing the data leads to a better understanding of the system and its limitations in addition to allowing better decision-making. Do you want to reduce breakage? Provide maintenance when necessary? Understand how your equipment behaves? Extend the life of the latter? The more quickly a defect is detected and followed, the greater the chance of recovery! The secret is not in the data, but in its behavior.

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