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Research & Development Project: RWP

This innovative project is in line with our mission: Protect what matters in major industries.

Works for single or double insulation

Works for several membrane type and dimension

Reusable even after a membrane repair

Can measure leak flow

Can be used during installation and normal use

Can potentially measure membrane aging (In research with Queens University)


RWP team’s ambition is to detect and locate contaminated water leaks using sensors connected in real-time. We also want to calculate membrane aging. With restraining regulation and environmental standards, RWP will become mandatory. 

RWP Benefits

RWP idea is currently the subject of a research project at the University of Queens in Ontario. The research team is helping us to calculate membrane aging precisely. It is a real challenge to get rid of false positives in an underground application. RWP team has the objective to reduce significantly contaminated water leaks into the groundwater tables and surrounding waterways. It will be easier for the maintenance team to react accordingly and plan a repair or a complete change of membrane by providing real-time data.

Environmental responsibility

Several organizations are compelled to environmental protection regulations and laws. These organizations have to demonstrate that they have done everything in their power to prevent environmental problems. RWP offers this power.

Reduce costs

Decontaminating a retention basin on a mining site is significatively costly. Lots of operational time and material inflate the bill. RWP allows financial predictability to managers by offering real-time data on the integrity of the membrane.

Inspection. Maintenance. Engineering

BEAP is partenering up with asset sustainability experts to contribute to the performance and accountability of industries. 

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