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Do you want to contribute to asset durability? Do you wish to reduce unplanned downtime and human or environmental accidents?

BEAP allows third parties to develop specific modules meeting particular mining and energy companies’ needs.

An Asset Durability Community


Combining field engineering with software engineering is what we mean by co-development. Your analysis, your calculations and your software features can be integrated, automated, and applied to our platform.   


When you submit your project, we will run a technical analysis to develop one or more specific modules. Once created, if you wish to make your modules available to other customers or our partners’ network,  

we will determine commercial details with you. The module will be then available on the BEAP marketplace. 

Specific modules

The BEAP marketplace will be full of modules from the assets durability community. These modules add specific functionalities to the central platform, such as asset degradation analysis. Modules can also combine operational functionalities for data collection, data analysis, and data visualization. They can also take the form of a connector between BEAP’s platform and a CMMS system, an ERP, or any other relevant software.

Modules examples: 

  • Connector to your CMMS or ERP 
  • Pipeline degradation analysis
  • Rust identifier by image analysis
  • Non destructive testing file analysis


BEAP marketplace is currently under development. It will be a centralized platform for asset owners and the asset durability community.

The platform aims to be a place of knowledge sharing focus on the asset sustainability subject. The marketplace will include a discussion forum, a partner portal, online training, public modules, a technical support center, and relevant documentation for the industrial managers.


Inspection. Maintenance. Engineering

BEAP partners with expert partners in the field of asset sustainability to contribute to the performance and accountability of industries.

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