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BEAP | Plateforme

BEAP | Platform is an asset data management software.

The Platform

BEAP ensures assets’ health visibility and maintenance intervention probability. Our platform can also be used on static assets which do not generate lots of data, such as conveyors, crushers, tanks, piping networks, lifting equipment, tailings ponds, buildings, structures. Using general analysis, natural language processing, and deep learning, BEAP offers a platform for collecting, analyzing, and rendering technical data of assets. The goal of the Platform is to predict failures and proactively alert asset managers. The platform merges data with engineering knowledge and trains machine learning models to improve the accuracy of predictions.

Key Features

BEAP | Platform facilitates collaborative work for better interventions. 


Centralize and standardize assets data.


Execute calculation according to engineering models 


Generate high value automatize reports   


Ensure management and visual inspection tasks preparation, inventory tasks, and detailed inspection tasks.


Allow complete traceability of assets data since the original plans.


Average cost per day of unplanned downtime

Predict failures 

Analyzing the health of high-value assets is a part of a sustainability assets approach. It is also vital to prevent significant failures causing damage to industrial operations, humans, and the environment.

Mobile App

BEAP solution includes a mobile application usable online and offline.


Includes a digital form tool to fit existing standards 


Contain an inventory entry tool


Works online and offline


Structure visual inspection tasks preparationinventory tasks, and detailed inspection tasks. 


Facilitate defaults observation entry (Photos, texts, digital fields, scrolling menu

BEAP | Platform is an essential digital solution to manage industrial assets degradation. It centralizes and structures inspection data, reports, and expert studies, allowing complete traceability of assets data since the original plans. Some engineering calculations can be executed on the platform, making it easier to sort out relevant information. This rich information enables efficient action planning extending assets lifetime, meeting economic and environmental requirements.   

From an operational standpoint, the platform significantly reduces the preparation time of inspections, analysis, and reports. The platform generates every standardized form for asset inspections. The mobile application, available for tablets and smartphones, is developed to facilitate inspection and collaborative work.  

The platform algorithms learn from inspection reports supplemented by experienced inspectors. It suggests actions be taken based on past experiences events. In short, collective know-how and memory of your assets would be available to benefit your business. You will be able to make better strategic decisions extending asset health. 

  • Optimizes financial amortization
  • Prevents breakage and unpredicted downtime
  • Facilitates knowledgeable decisions
  • Speed up preparation and reporting
  • Centralizes assets health data
  • Transfer of knowledge from individuals to the company

Inspection. Maintenance. Engineering

BEAP s’associe à des partenaires experts dans le domaine de la durabilité des actifs pour contribuer à la performance et la responsabilité des industrie

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