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BEAP | Platform

BEAP | Platform is an asset data management software.

The Platform

BEAP offers constant visibility on the assets’ state of health as well as predictions of the interventions to be taken if necessary. 

The platform focuses on ‘static’ assets that generate very little data and are therefore more difficult to manage (conveyors, crushers, bridges, tanks, piping networks, lifting equipment, tailings ponds, buildings, structures).

By combining engineering knowledge, natural language processing and machine learning (AI) models, the platform is able to predict failures and proactively warn asset managers. 

Key Features

BEAP | Platform facilitates collaborative work for better interventions. 


Centralize and standardize assets data.


Execute calculation according to engineering models 


Provides high value automated reports


Manages and prepares survey, inventory or detailed inspection tasks


Allows a complete tracking of the assets’ life from their original plan


Average cost per day of unplanned downtime

Predict failures

The health analysis of high value assets is consistent with the sustainability of assets and the reduction of damage to industrial operations, people and their environment.

Mobile App

BEAP | Platform includes a mobile application for on-site online and offline data entry


Includes a digital form tool to adapted to existing standards 


Contain an inventory entry tool


Works online and offline


Structures the prioritization of survey, inventory or detailed inspection tasks according to planning


Facilitate defaults observation entry (Photos, texts, digital fields, scrolling menu

BEAP | Platform is an indispensable digital solution for the management of industrial assets. It centralizes and organizes data from inspections, reports and expert studies, thus offering complete traceability of the life of assets up to the original plans. Some calculations can be performed within the platform, making it easy to sort relevant information. This wealth of information allows for quick and efficient planning of actions to be taken to extend the life of assets, thus meeting economic and environmental requirements.

From a strictly operational point of view, the platform considerably reduces the time required to prepare inspections, analyze and file reports. The platform includes all the standardized forms required for asset inspections. The mobile application, available for tablets and smartphones, is developed to facilitate inspection work and collaborative work.

The platform learns from inspection reports completed by experienced inspectors for the benefit of the company. It suggests actions to be taken based on events from past experiences. BEAP | Platform enables a strategic knowledge transfer by helping teams make better decisions for a prolonged asset health.

Inspection. Maintenance. Engineering

BEAP joins forces with expert partners in the field of asset sustainability to contribute to industry performance and responsibility

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