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BEAP develops solutions to extend the life of your assets

We offer a data analysis solution to detect failures in your assets in a predictive way, in order to plan your maintenance actions. Our solution aims to extend the life of your equipment, machinery and infrastructure. To do this, we centralize the data on our software platform and perform advanced calculations. Based on research and development, we also create specialized sensors, in order to accumulate high-value data that feeds our prediction models.

BEAP | Plateform

BEAP | Plateform analyzes the behavior of your asset data and contributes to the intelligence of your operations. Our team of engineers aims to develop the following benefits:

  • Assets tracability
  • Predictive failure detection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Extend assets life
  • Specialized sensors


BEAP | RWP detects contaminated water leaks through a system of connected membranes in real time. The product also tackles the detection of membrane aging and the localization of leaks. The BEAP solution | RWP minimizes repair time for a punctured membrane and the risk of contaminating surrounding soils and watercourses. It is used during installation, but also during regular use of the pool.


  • Works for single or double insulation
  • Precisely locate leaks
  • Can potentially measure membrane aging (In research with University)
  • Reusable even after a membrane repair
  • Can measure leak flow

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